8 Signs Of A Blocked Sewer Pipe

For most homeowners, dealing with a blocked sewer pipe is the stuff of nightmares. Not only is it unpleasant to deal with but it can also stop you from using your toilet and impact the plumbing for your entire house.

Thankfully, there are signs you can watch out for so you can act before the nightmare even starts. Check out these 8 signs of a blocked sewer pipe so you can avoid the stress, strain and unpleasantness of a sewer blockage in your home.

Signs you may have a sewer blockage

Smelly odour – modern plumbing is designed to contain odour from the sewer line. So, if you start noticing an unpleasant sewer smell, then it’s time to investigate as this could indicate a blockage or rupture somewhere along the sewer pipe.

Clogged drains – a clogged drain itself doesn’t mean your sewer line is blocked – you may have excess hair or other debris clogging your drain. However, if a clogged drain also comes with sewer odour or gurgling in the pipe, that’s worth checking out.

Gurgling sounds – if water isn’t able to go down the main sewer line, it will move through the pipes looking for a different escape route. If you happen to hear funny sounds when water is running through your pipes, this may indicate a sewer blockage.

Sewer Blockage Services

Blocked toilet – this can be a one-off issue due to an item being flushed down the toilet that shouldn’t be. However, if your toilets are regularly blocking up, you may have a blockage in the sewer line, which is why your waste isn’t going anywhere.


Water backing up from drains – if there’s a blockage in your sewer pipe, water and waste will eventually have to find another way out. As plugholes are usually low to the ground, this is why you might see water backing up in drains in the bath, shower and laundry.

Slow draining sinks – this could be a result of a localised blockage due to a build-up of hair and debris. However, if all your sinks, toilets and bathtubs are draining slower than normal or start to fill up and overflow, this is most likely due to a blocked sewer pipe.

Pooled water in the yard – a pool of dirty water on your property (especially without explanation) might be a sign of a sewer blockage or rupture. In these cases, wastewater or raw sewage escapes and pools in your yard near the site of the sewer line.

Patch of lush/overgrown grass – while you might be impressed with that particular patch of lawn, don’t get too excited. That extra lush patch of grass might indicate that sewer water is leaking from the pipe and giving extra fertiliser to that part of the lawn.

How to fix a sewer blockage

When it comes to a blocked sewer pipe, you need expert help and support to get it right. If you’re experiencing any of these 8 signs around your home, get a licensed plumber out to inspect your property. Ignoring the issue will only make things worse – it’s always best to act fast to minimise potential damage, costs and inconvenience.

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