Bathroom Plumbing In Lilli Pilli

Looking for a bathroom plumber in Lilli Pilli? Read about a recent bathroom and laundry job we completed in Lilli Pilli and get five bathroom renovation tips below.

Bathroom Plumbing In Lilli Pilli: How We Helped A Customer

A customer in the Sydney suburb of Lillipilli was doing a renovation of the main parts of their house. This included combining a shower / bathroom area with a laundry as part of a total bathroom reno.

OP Plumbing, a local Sutherland Shire plumber worked on the job with contracted tilers and the builder to give the customer the look and feel they were looking for.

The Scope of The Plumbing Job

The whole job involved:

  • The water and drainage pipes had to be overhauled since they were old and not suitable.
  • Installing new shower heads, mixers, toilet, and a bath that completely changed the appearance of the bathroom.
  • The installation of a laundry tub and washing machine / dryer since the bathroom incorporated a laundry
  • The installation of strip drains and a glass wall to keep the water from the shower and bath in the wet area separate from the rest of the bathroom.

How We Helped Out With This Plumbing Job

The customer was clear about what they wanted to achieve but they couldn’t find the fittings of the quality and type they were looking for. We took the time to understand what the customer was looking for and then took it upon ourselves to find some solutions and options.

Once we had found the best products to suit the taste and needs of the customer we showed them and selected the ones they wanted.

The installation of this top end bathroom cost more than $30,000 in total. So, it was even the more important for the workmanship to be of the highest quality. It we had to be extra careful to make sure nothing was to be damaged or broken during the work; especially the blue slate used in vanity and the bench tops. We had to take extra care here as these expensive materials are easy to damage.

In the end, the customer was very pleased with the work done. The builder which OP Plumbing worked with was also impressed with the bathroom plumbing job and they extra help we gave the customer.

Five Tips For a Successful Bathroom Plumbing Job

When you are planning to renovate your bathroom, laundry, or kitchen, here are some plumbing tips to help ensure it goes the way you wanted it to and stays in good shape for years.

1. The Plumbing Layout

Carefully planning of the way you want the plumbing job to go is the first and most important step to ensure you are happy with the renovation work at the end.

Take your time and draw up the space layout and look for ways to future-proof it by allowing easy movement and usage by young children, teenagers, grandchildren, and for the immobile. Colors may be updated when they wear out however you will not want to change the layout every time. Ensure you get it right the first time and save yourself a lot of money in the long run.

2. Find Space

Plan on inserting features into cavity spaces on the wall so as to gain more space. This helps prevent jutting into the floor area that may squeeze the space in the bathroom. Create shelves or build a shaving cabinet into the cavity spaces in the shower area as long as you have knowledge of the positions of the plumbing pipes.

3. Cost-effective Bathroom Changes

The main constraint after space during plumbing is the budget available. You may have a wonderful idea to renovate your bathroom and have a professional bathroom plumber, but if it costs you three months salary, then it may not be a great plan. If the cost outweighs the benefit, then you may have to consider your renovation. Consulting a professional plumber will help you to marry the great idea with your budget.

4. Know Your Plumbing Limits

Even though you may be very handy in tiling or plumbing, it doesn’t mean you are equipped with the skills to fit a modern shower. You may successfully do most of the work renovating your bathroom, however, where you can’t do well just leave to the bets and insured professionals.

5. Gather The Trades People

Other than a plumber, gather reliable trades people including a tiler, cabinet maker, and electrician among others. And if you plan to change the shape of the room, a carpenter may be required for your bathroom. If you have one trusty trades person, you can ask them to refer those others they work closely with.

This will help save you from doing lots of legwork and interviews and quote comparison. Contracting one reliable plumber like OP Plumbing can ensure you get the best quality for your bathroom renovation job and no conflicting or competing tradespeople working on your renovation.

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