Green Plumbing


OP Plumbing Services is dedicated to helping clients reduce their water wastage. Households and commercial buildings can drastically reduce their water wastage by choosing to install water efficient plumbing products and by being vigilant about plumbing maintenance.

We can help you help the environment by supplying and installing rain water tanks, solar hot water heaters and water saving products such as taps, shower heads and toilets.

Saving water will not only help the environment, it also helps your wallet. You’d be surprised how much you can save over the long term when you cut down on water wastage. For businesses this applies even more, you could be benefit greatly from making a few simple changes to your plumbing.


OP Plumbing Services provides products, installation and maintenance services for:

  • Solar water heaters
  • Internal, external and underground water tanks
  • A range of water saving products (shower heads, taps, toilets, etc)
  • Preventative maintenance checks to eliminate drips
  • Other environmental plumbing enhancements
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