Storm Water Plumbing In The Sutherland Shire

Building a new home or an extension is always an exciting, and sometimes, anxious one for home owners. Plumbing ground work is critical to the overall success of your new home or extension.

However, putting together a house from scratch is a difficult process that requires a lot of expertise and time. That is, why the most important thing that you can do for yourself is to outsource the services of a professional Sutherland Shire plumber to help install the new house internal drainage and storm water plumbing for you.

A Storm Water and Internal Drainage Plumbing Job in The Sutherland Shire

Recently, OP Plumbing worked with a customer who had purchased a property and wanted to renovate it completely. The property was an old block of flats, and it was being converted into a house again.

These pictures below show OP Plumbing laying the internal drainage and storm water plumbing for the kitchen, powder room and water features areas. (Click to enlarge)

The plumbing work was part of a large residential plumbing job in the Sutherland Shire, in total, there were 7-8 bathrooms, a bar, wine cellar, two laundries, outdoor BBQ, swimming pool and water top ups.

Moreover, due to its location, the ground soil was dug out manually because we were unable to get an excavator into the site.

The whole team from OP Plumbing worked on the job as it was so large.

Among other services offered, a good plumber should help with the following:

Laying Internal Drainage and Storm Water Plumbing

At this stage, you decide what goes in where. For instance, where the bathrooms will be or the kitchen and so on.

The excitement of a new house can be equally ruined by bad plumbing as the new house will have all sorts of plumbing issues that are likely to leave you drained both financially and emotionally. You can avoid this by working with credible and professional plumbers, who are members of the Master Plumbers Association. Their first role will be laying the internal drainage and storm water plumbing for installation of all necessary products and pipes.

Together with your plumber and architect, create a plan on paper that details all the installation that will go into your new home. To make it easier for you to monitor everything that will be needed, you can have it set up room by room. Ensure to have detailed diagrams of all the connecting pipes as well as outside taps.

Building Inspection

  • Remember that all new construction must pass a state or council building inspection. It is important to counter check every proposed installation against the local code authorities’ guidelines. This is where your plumber comes in to provide this insight.
  • Since every area has its own local code requirements, your local plumber can give you a list of applicable codes that your home falls under and can take you through them systematically. This helps to avert any future problems with inspectors.

We at OP Plumbing Services take pride in helping our customers in the Sutherland Shire build and renovate their dream homes irrespective of the size.

Contact us for all your plumbing needs including internal drainage and storm water plumbing in the Sutherland Shire. As with our other customers, you will be happy with the results.

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