The 3 Most Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

Since 2020, total commercial water use has declined because industries don’t typically require potable water for human consumption like households do. If you’ve noticed that your company’s water bill is lower, this might be why.

But what if you experience higher water bills? In this case, you might have a common commercial plumbing issue.

To get back on track, plumbers in Engadine, OP Plumbing Services can help. Keep reading to learn more about the common plumbing problems for businesses.

1. Toilet and Drain Blockages

Plumbers in Engadine commonly see toilet and drain blockages in commercial buildings. The toilet is especially susceptible to blockages in business settings.

Blocked toilets happen for different reasons including flushing items down the toilet that don’t belong there. These blockages may also occur because the toilet is more frequently used than other plumbing system areas.

You can hire an emergency plumber to fix the blockage or attempt to fix it yourself using a plunger. If a plunger doesn’t work, you might need professional tools from a commercial plumber to dislodge the cause of the blockage.

Drain blockages are also caused by many different things. Disposing of items incorrectly can cause blocked drains in the commercial plumbing system. Drain blockages require professional cleaning to fix the issue.

2. Tap Leaks

Bad washers or worn orings can cause leaky taps. These could lead to an excessive amount of wasted water which increases your water bill.

You can attempt to replace the washer for a tap leak with a few common tools. If this doesn’t fix the leak, your orings or spindles might need replacing as well.

Gasket replacement requires more knowledge than a DIYer typically has. If you find it uncomfortable to attempt these repairs, a professional plumbing service can help.

Silent leaks are also common but can go undetected for an extended period of time. This leak can cause structural damage to commercial properties if they go unaddressed. Look for these signs of a silent plumbing leak:

  • Ceiling or wall water stains
  • Sounds of running water when taps are off
  • Higher water bills

If you suspect a silent leak, hire plumbers in Engadine to find the cause and address the issue as soon as possible.

3. Sewage Smell

Commercial bathrooms can give off a sewage smell or other unpleasant odours indicating a plumbing issue. When you smell sewage something may be wrong with the plumbing vent stack or floor waste.

The vent stack’s role is to get rid of the sewage gas, but the gas will build up and escape into your commercial building when the vent is blocked.

Sewer gas is not only unpleasant to the nose, but it is toxic. To avoid this dangerous situation, have your building’s vent stack cleaned on a regular basis by an expert plumber.

Plumbers in Engadine Can Help You

Knowing the common commercial plumbing issues can help you spot problems before they become major.

While at work, look out for blockages, tap leaks, and sewage smells. If you find any of these problems, plumbers in Engadine can help you. Contact OP Plumbing Services.

Request a free quote from us today to get details about our services.

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