8 Small Plumbing Problems You Can’t Ignore

It’s not uncommon to come across seemingly small plumbing issues in your home or workplace. You might have weak water flow in your shower or have noisy pipes whenever you turn on the outside tap. While it might not seem like a big deal (and is quickly forgotten the minute you walk away), you can’t ignore small plumbing problems forever.

For one thing, small plumbing problems usually turn into big ones. Weak water flow in one shower is usually an easy fix. However, if all your taps are experiencing the same issue, that indicates a major issue with your pipes. Left unresolved, this could lead to big costs and lots of inconvenience for your family or workplace down the track.

To keep on top of your plumbing and keep your costs down, here are 8 small plumbing problems you can’t ignore.

  1. Low water pressure – if this affects all taps and showers, this could indicate stuck tap washers or a leak in your pipes. You should get this checked before it becomes a bigger issue.
  2. High water bill – if you haven’t changed your water usage, this could be a sign of a leak. This should be checked right away to minimise costs and prevent possible damage.
  3. Slow drains – if it takes forever for your sink, bath or shower to drain there is a blockage in your pipe. It could be just hair but it’s good to get it checked before it becomes a bigger issue.
  4. Noisy pipes – rattling pipes and water hammers are caused by air pockets in your pipes, forcing water to change direction suddenly which could result in loose fittings and leaks.
  5. Smelly drains and toilets – foul smells can signal a problem with drain traps or your pipes. While most times this is just a small issue, it should be checked before it causes more problems.
  6. Rusty or discoloured pipes – these don’t only look ugly, they could also be a sign of a small leak that can become a big leak if left alone and unresolved.
  7. Stained walls or ceilings – small spots or marks could point to a potential leak and lead to mould or mildew in your home. Most of the time this is a small problem but, if ignored, this could become a health risk to your family.
  8. Discoloured water – if you get discoloured water when you turn on your hot water tap, this could indicate a problem with your hot water heater. It’s best to get this checked as your heater might be getting old and need repair or replacement.

Don’t ignore small plumbing issues because they won’t disappear – they will only get worse. If you’re experiencing any of the above issues, it’s always best to get a qualified plumber in to check out the problem and resolve it before your ‘small’ problem grows bigger and more costly.

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